Mobile Access Connector

Seamlessly add mobile access capabilities to any existing physical access control system at any scale.

Take the heavy lifting out of upgrading to mobile access

Mobile Access Connector is a secure cloud service that connects with your existing access control system to enable mobile access and automate credential management without needing a separate portal.

Ready for any building, anywhere in the world

Mobile Access Connector is easy to deploy at scale, whether you have one property or a portfolio of buildings worldwide. Just choose the connector for your existing system, set your mobile credential settings, and that’s it. Now your entire workforce or tenant portfolio of 100,000s can instantly use both smartphones and their existing key cards for physical access.


Upgrade your access control system, instantly

Mobile Access Connector is the first cross-access-system solution that enables unlimited mobile access to work seamlessly with all your existing access systems without having to run separate portals or manage separate credentials.

Works with both mobile credentials and legacy keycards

Empower your employees and tenants to choose the solution that works best for them. Proxy adds modern mobile access capabilities while preserving existing credential systems and workflows.

Unlimited free mobile credentials

Proxy doesn’t charge for mobile credentials—we have a simple per reader per year cloud subscription pricing model that allows customers to enroll unlimited mobile credentials and users with no additional costs.

Proxy Identity Signal

Streamline management across properties and tenants

Connect discrete access control systems to create one comprehensive mobile access solution across all properties and automate mobile access management by synchronizing credentials and users across all of these systems.

The highest security with encrypted tokenization

Proxy uses a patented tokenization architecture that ensures credentials are never stored on users’ phones or passed over Bluetooth, providing the highest security and privacy while significantly improving performance and enabling imaginative use cases beyond the door.


With Proxy, we can give our employees, contractors, and visitors a mobile access experience they love, while actually bolstering security.

Christopher Bauer
Christopher BauerPhysical Security Systems Architect

The world’s most advanced mobile access solution

A workplace experience that drives results.

OTA security updates

Proxy readers provide real-time system health monitoring and OTA firmware and security updates that keep our readers more secure and capable over time.

Global scale

Proxy is deployed worldwide at Fortune 500 customers and provides a consistently delightful and secure experience within any building, anywhere in the world.

Instant Onboarding

Mobile Access Connector enables customers to bring mobile access to your entire workforce instantly using existing credentials and to an unlimited number of users.

Simple enterprise pricing

Proxy has a refreshingly transparent pricing model that provides real ROI and doesn’t break the bank at scale.

Leverage existing credentials

Proxy lets customers create unique mobile credentials or use their existing keycard credentials, streamlining administration and eliminating the need for separate portals.

Extensible APIs

Customers can access the Mobile Access Connector directly through our developer-friendly RESTful APIs, enabling rapid integrations and automation with other third-party software systems.

Make the move to mobile access painless

Mobile Access Connector makes the transition to mobile access simple and straightforward without ripping out your existing access control system.

Mobile Access Connector


per access system / month

Upgrade and extend

Proxy integrates to your existing access control system, upgrading it to support mobile access.

Manage access from one pane of glass

Continue managing your users and access policies with the same interface and workflows you use today.

Perfect for landlords and enterprises

Proxy can integrate to multiple access systems, tying them all together with mobile access.

Free unlimited users

Sync an unlimited number of users between your access control system and Proxy for a flat $2,500 setup fee and $129 per month.

Want to learn how Proxy can transform your workplace? We’re here to help.